How to get the API key

Adobe Stock API OAuth Integration needs two keys for proper working: API key and Client Secret. You can generate both keys yourself on the following webpage:

First, you need to have an Adobe ID account. If you have any Adobe products, such as Photoshop, you probably already have an active Adobe ID account. If you don't have an account or don't remember your login and password, try to retrieve them, or just create a new account.

To obtain the required API keys, you need to create a new integration. Select the options shown in the screenshots below and follow the instructions.

1. Select Create new project.

2. Click Add API

2. Select Adobe Stock, then click Next.

4. Select OAUTH 2.0. In form below enter the store's address in the Default redirect URI field. The https protocol must be used even if the shop is running on http.
The Redirect URI pattern is also the shop address, except that each dot should be preceded by a double backslash. The https protocol is also mandatory here.

5. Now you should see the data of the created integration. The API Key is visible immediately. To see the Client secret key you must first click on the Retrieve Client Secret button