Photo category configuration

Photo category configuration

The basic method of selecting photos to the category is searching the Adobe Stock. The keyword field is marked in red on the screen below. While typing you don`t need to use commas, just enter a few words in a row, eg "Paris night street'. Such a phrase will generate photos that are tagged with all three words at once. Adobe Stock search engine allows the usage of logical operators, AND and OR, e.g. "Paris OR London OR New York". Such an inquiry will return photographs of Paris, London and New York.
It is possible to show pictures according to the categories available at the Adobe Stock site (the current category tree can be downloaded from the Adobe Stock -> Information), or by the author, gallery or series – green fields on the screen below.
Fields marked in violet are filters that you can use to further narrow your list of photos.
All the above methods can be combined and the result will be a common part, e.g. the phrase: "apple tree" + category:"Plants> Trees" + horizontal orientation + without people.

The second method (marked in blue), selects specific photos by their id numbers. Pictures selected by id numbers will be shown always before the pictures from the search engine. This is the most detailed method.

The third method is to use My Own Photos module, thanks to which you can add photos that are not available in Adobe Stock, such as reproductions. Photos from the shop`s database are shown before the photos from the API.

Categories of photos and types of printing connection

By default, each category of photos is available with every type of print. To differentiate the category structure between print types, you can assign (show only at) or exclude (do not show on) the category for any type of print. It is possible to exclude or assign categories to more than one type of print. By clicking the green plus, it is possible to select any number of print types. Both settings are passed to the subcategories. This means that if we assign the category "Themes" to the "Wallpapers”, then all “Themes” subcategories will also be assigned to the “Wallpapers”.

The "Force product" option allows you to block the change of the print type while using print creator. It will be possible to print only one selected type of printing.

Deactivating selected functions of the print creator

In some cases, it may be necessary to block selected functions of the print creator. You can enable or disable selected options in the "Creator" section.