Basic information

Type of print

Each Type of print has its own independent configuration (wallpaper, canvas, sticker, poster, backsplash etc.). You can configure:

  • underlays
  • frames (for canvas, posters etc.)
  • minimal print size (the size below which you can not order a printout. Expressed in centimetres, separately height and width.
  • the maximum print size you can choose from:
  • fixed values expressed in centimetres (eg. 200 x 500 cm)
  • dynamically calculated based on the actual size of the photo. You can specify the minimum DPI below which you do not want to print - for example setting 50dpi, a photo with a size of 5000x4000 px will have a maximum size of 254 x 305 cm.
  • length of the short side - if one of the dimensions can not be longer than some value.


Material on which the printing is made. Each underlay has an independent configuration. You can configure price per m2 of printing on a given underlay.


The mask applied when cropping the photo. The standard frame is a single rectangle. Each frame can be independently configured and can have any shape and number of parts. You can configure:

  • the step by how many centimetres the value of height and width changes. Any value is possible. By default the step is 1cm (eg. for canvas it is often 5 or 10cm)
  • the way the prices are calculated:
  • price dependent on the area (the price is then calculated dynamically depending on the size of the print)
  • fixed price independent of the print area (eg. multi-part image)
  • fixed height or width - the frame size can be imposed and immutable (eg. poster 50 x 70 cm, multi-part image)


Photos are categorized by subject, colour, purpose, etc. Categories can have any structure and any number of levels and nodes. You can create your own categories using:

  • keywords
  • id of the category from Adobe Stock
  • id of the author from Adobe Stock
  • selected photo ID from  Adobe Stock, you can create a category in which there are specific selected photos


Photo from Adobe Stock or other source (your own photos, client`s uploads)

On-line creator

A photo framing, cropping tool. It allows you to apply a desired colour effect to a photo, make a mirror reflection, choose a pronting material, select a frame (mask), and to manipulate the frame. Calculates the final print price and transfers the gathered information to the basket.