Print creator template

The layout of the print wizard can be changed to some extent. The HTML code of the entire print wizard page can be found in the following file: themes/[active_theme]/fotolia/fotolia_product.tpl
The wizard is divided into two main sections, a photo and an option panel.

HTML code of particular fields and elements is not entered directly. It is contained within predefined smarty variables to minimize the risk of the wizard malfunctioning due to incompetent modifications. You can freely change their order. The meaning of each variable is described below. The elements required for proper operation of the print wizard are underlined. Some of the elements may be invisible, depending on the configuration of the print type. Although they may be not visible, they should not be removed from the template. Removing them may cause the wizard to malfunction. If you need to remove one or more of these elements, use the CSS display: none;

{$} - photo framing area
{$jqcreator.opacity} - buttons changing darknesness of the not printed photo area
{$jqcreator.crop_coordinates} - real time framing coordinates
{$jqcreator.current_dpi} - current print DPI
{$jqcreator.shortlink} - generating a shortlink for the current frame
{$jqcreator.product} - print type select
{$jqcreator.medium} - printing underlay select
{$jqcreator.laminate} - laminate: yes, no - underlay related
{$jqcreator.size} - print dimensions input or select
{$jqcreator.mask} - multi frame canvases
{$jqcreator.multicrop} - multi segment stickers
{$jqcreator.tiles} - tiles width, height controls
{$jqcreator.options} - extra options
{$jqcreator.effects_buttons} - color effects, flip and rotate - buttons
{$jqcreator.effects} - color effects select
{$jqcreator.flip} - flip select
{$jqcreator.rotate} - rotate select
{$jqcreator.repeat} - pattern repeat
{$jqcreator.cart.price} - product price
{$jqcreator.cart.quantity} - quantity field
{$jqcreator.cart.form} - hidden cart form
{$jqcreator.favorites} - add / remove photo to favortes